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Washing a wetsuit: how do you do it? Read our step-by-step plan!

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Washing your wetsuit is part of the maintenance process and important for its lifespan . A wetsuit can be quite expensive at some point and that is why you naturally want to maintain it well to enjoy it for as long as possible. In this case, maintenance is essential with a wetsuit.

An important part of the maintenance process is washing your wetsuit . But how exactly should that be done and what should you take into account to prevent damage? We are happy to tell you more about it on this page and also give you some tips.

Why should I wash my wetsuit?

Washing a wetsuit is important to ensure that you can enjoy it for a long time. A wetsuit can start to smell over time because the water in which you swim, surf or paddle may not always be clean. So you want to prevent bad smells from lingering in the suit.

In addition, washing your wetsuit will benefit the life of your suit. It would be a shame if your wetsuit needs to be replaced after a year. Therefore, take maintenance, including washing, seriously and do it regularly.

When should you wash a wetsuit?

What is of course an important time to wash your wetsuit is after you have used it. This prevents bad odors from lingering in the suit. The next time you put on a clean, fresh suit that you feel comfortable in.

Another important time to wash your wetsuit is before you put it away. As soon as your wetsuit goes into the closet, for example in the winter, it is smart to wash it well again.

This way you know for sure that you can put the wetsuit back on immediately after the winter, without having to wash out all the unpleasant odors.

How can you wash a wetsuit?

You can wash a wetsuit in different ways . The only question is which way is possible for you and what you think is easiest. However you wash your wetsuit, make it a habit to always do this after use.

This way you prevent bad odors and ensure that your wetsuit lasts extra long. There are a number of things that you should take into account in order to prevent damage.

Note: never put a wetsuit in the washing machine, as the suit is not made for this. The neoprene and the glued seams cannot withstand the hot temperatures of a washing machine, so the risk of damage is quite high.

In the shower

In the shower you can easily and quickly wash a wetsuit, without any hassle. Take off your wetsuit, fold it inside out and take a shower with it. It is also possible to keep your wetsuit on, for example in winter.

However, keep in mind that you don't take too much sand with you . The pipes in our house are not made to transport large amounts of sand, but a little won't hurt. If necessary, use a soft brush beforehand to remove most of the sand residue.

Another point of attention that you should take into account when washing your wetsuit in the shower is the temperature. The neoprene and the glued seams are not made for high temperatures.

So don't shower with temperatures above 30°C to prevent damage. Are you doing this anyway? Then the quality of the seams can deteriorate and the neoprene can become stiffer.

In a sink or bathtub

Washing a wetsuit in a sink or bathtub is also quite simple. Place your wetsuit inside out in a container or tub and fill it with cold/lukewarm water. Then let the wetsuit soak well until all water residues are gone.

If necessary, you can use special shampoo for wetsuits to remove unpleasant odors. This way you can be sure that you will get a clean and fresh wetsuit after washing.

Just never use hot water, as this will not benefit the seams and the neoprene.

With a garden hose

What most people choose: washing a wetsuit with a garden hose. This is one of the most convenient ways to wash your wetsuit. Hang your wetsuit on a tube or clothes hanger and spray with the garden hose until all water residue is out of the suit.

The wetsuit can also be placed in a container with water, after which you can use the garden hose to clean the suit. Always do this with cold/lukewarm water for the sake of the lifespan of your wetsuit.

Use wetsuit shampoo

Washing your wetsuit with shampoo is definitely recommended every now and then. You certainly don't have to do this every time after you use the suit, but just once in a while. As soon as you have used your wetsuit a number of times, it may be that the water has unpleasant odors.

  • In that case it is wise to take care of your wetsuit from time to time by using some shampoo during washing. Keep in mind that you need special shampoo for this that has been developed for cleaning neoprene.

Fill a bucket or container with water and then add the shampoo. Turn your wetsuit inside out and then soak it in the water for 7 to 10 minutes.

After you have soaked the suit well, take it out again and turn it right side out again. Then rinse all shampoo residues from the suit and your wetsuit will smell completely fresh and fruity again.

wet suit drying

You should be able to wash a wetsuit now, but how should you actually let it dry? In order to handle your wetsuit in the best possible way, it is essential that you prepare yourself well for this step in the process.

For example, make sure you have a special wetsuit hanger to dry your wetsuit. A normal clothes hanger will stretch the neoprene at the shoulder as the suit is still wet and heavy.

Hang your wetsuit inside out on the wetsuit hanger. It is important that you first let the inside dry well. Then turn the right side out again and let it dry again.

Good to know is that you should never let a wetsuit dry in the sun, because this causes the neoprene to age and lose its quality. So always let your wetsuit dry outside in the shade or in a shed.

In winter you cannot dry a wetsuit outside or in a shed, as the ice buildup can cause cracks in the suit. It is therefore wiser to let your wetsuit dry in the bathroom, in the same way as outside or in the shed.

Store the wetsuit after washing

Now that it has become clearer how to wash a wetsuit, it is also good to know how best to store it. The neat and safe storage of your wetsuit is essential for its lifespan and can prevent damage.

For example, do you place the wetsuit in a place where the temperature changes sharply during the day and at night? Then the neoprene will suffer from this. Instead, it is wise to store your wetsuit in a place where the temperature is constant and a fair amount of air can reach it.

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