SUP board storage

sup board storage

Storing your SUP board is important to make sure your board stays in good condition. There are different ways to store your board. Below, we give you an overview of the different possibilities. 

Storage in the garage or shed 

The most common way to store your SUP board is in the garage or shed. Make sure your board is properly anchored so it cannot tip over or shift.

For example, you can secure your board with a couple of sturdy ropes to a upright, or fix it to the ceiling of the garage or shed. 

Storage in the garden 

If you have a garden, it is also possible to store your board there. You can attach your SUP to a pole or fence, or you can store the board in a specially designed cabinet. Just make sure the cabinet is well covered and that your board is protected from the weather.

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Vertical storage

There are different ways to store your SUP. For example, you can use two beams for it, where you can put the boards. There is also a horizontal SUP board rack where you can put several SUPs on it without taking up space in your garage or shed. 

If you want to give your SUPs a nice spot, you can also opt for a vertical rack. On this, you hang the boards as you would see them in a shop. Several boards can be hung on this rack at the same time. Each type of rack has its own advantages.

Stowing in a SUP board trolley 

If you transport your SUP board a lot, a SUP board trolley a good option. The trolley is made of sturdy material and features sturdy wheels that make it easy to transport the board.

Many of these trolleys also feature a convenient locking system, which keeps your board firmly in the trolley when you transport it.

Winterising SUP board

To make sure you can SUP next SUP season without damage and fungus, it's important to get your inflatable SUP board stores properly.

Clean your board extra well, clean and tighten the valve and make sure your board is completely dry before storing it. Then you can pack the SUP board in the bag. If you still want to SUPPING IN WINTER? Read up first for proper preparation.

Store the bag properly and make sure there are no heavy objects on the SUP board bag. Also, remove the pump hose from your pump before storing the board. By following these steps, you'll make sure you can supper next season without damage and mould!

Step-by-step plan SUP board storage in winter

  1. Clean your sup board extra well.
  2. Clean and tighten the valve properly.
  3. Make sure your sup board is completely dry before you pack it.
  4. Then pack your sup board bag.
  5. Store your bag properly and make sure there are no heavy objects on the sup board bag.

In conclusion 

There are several ways to store your SUP board. You can secure your board in your garage or shed, you can attach it to a pole or fence in your garden, or you can store your board in a specially designed SUP board trolley.

Choose the way that best suits your situation so that your board is well protected from the weather. Are you still travelling by plane, for example? Make sure you take into account the applicable rules for the taking a SUP board on the plane.

Nicole Staartjens
Nicole Staartjens

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