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How much air pressure (bar) should a SUP board have?

hoeveel luchtdruk in sup board

Nicole Staartjens |

Most SUP boards should be inflated to a maximum of 15 PSI or approx. 1 bar . If you want to use a SUP board, it is important to use the correct air pressure. The correct air pressure depends on the type of board you use and the conditions in which you will use the board.

It is important to check the pressure in your board regularly.

  • If you use the board in cold water , the pressure of the board can decrease.
  • If you use the board in warm water, the pressure of the board can increase.

Therefore, check the pressure in your SUP board regularly, so that you are sure that the board has the correct air pressure and safety is guaranteed.

Finding the right air pressure for your SUP board

If the SUP board is used by a light person, such as a small child, the air pressure may be a bit lower. The correct air pressure is indicated in the manual for each specific model. Is your air pressure not staying up? It is possible that your SUP board is leaking .

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