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Funtube accessories

funtube accessoires

Joos Vermolen |

Get a number of handy funtube accessories to make safe use of your funtube. You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time when you hang a funtube or a band behind the boat.

Both when you are on the boat with friends or family, this is a fun activity to do. However, make sure you always have a number of handy accessories for the funtube at hand. Consider, for example, a spare rope, an air pump or a repair kit for funtubes.

The handy fun tube accessory for the boat

Having a repair kit is essential when you have the funtube hanging behind the boat. The repair kit ensures that you can always repair the funtube. Think, for example, when there is a small hole in it.

With the help of the right tools, your funtube will remain good for future use, even after a small repair. In our webshop you will find handy repair kits for your funtube.

A life jacket

A life jacket is an essential accessory to have. If you use the fun tube without a life jacket you even risk a very high fine.

The life jacket ensures that, even if someone falls off the fun tube, they always surface safely. We recommend that there are several spare life jackets on the boat, so also for those who are not on the fun tube at that time.

A pump

To ensure that the funtube is comfortable and floats well, it must be well inflated. Use one of our functional pumps for this. For example, choose an electric pump that inflates your fun tube in no time.

In addition, make sure you always have a pump on the boat that can inflate the fun tube in between. This can be a manual pump, but we also have wireless pumps with a battery in our range. For example, take a look at the Airbank Whale Shark D6.

A tow

Ropes for the funtube can be found in all kinds of different strengths and lengths. Always make sure that the rope is strong enough to pull your funtube forward. You want to prevent the rope from suddenly breaking during use because it was not strong enough.

In our range you can immediately see for which funtube the ropes are suitable. For example, choose our sturdy Jobe 4-person funtube rope or a Talamex funtube line for 1 to 2 people.

For these and other handy accessories for your funtube, go to our webshop. We, at Watersports4fun, are happy to provide you with all the necessities and accessories for your favorite water sport. Also enjoy fast delivery when you place an order before 4:00 PM. You will then receive your order the next day.

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