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Jobe fun tube top 5

jobe funtube top 5

Raymond Scholte |

This Jobe Funtube top 5 ensures that you will have an unforgettable summer. Are you and your friends planning to rent a boat on the lake for a day? Then bring a fun tube.

At Watersports4fun we have a wide selection of funtubes available. These are suitable for both children and adults. Are you curious about the options? Then take a quick look at these top 5 Jobe funtubes .

1. Jobe Rumble Funtube 1 person

The Jobe Rumble Funtube is suitable for 1 person. The advantage of this model is that you bring the fun of the fun tube into your home without it costing you too much . This model looks modern and fun thanks to its neon green color.

With the help of the 4 different handles with knuckle protection you can hold yourself well on the water. The handles are divided in different places so that it is suitable for both children and adults. The funtube is made of 240D nylon with a 24G PVC inner tube.

2. Jobe Binar Funtube 2 persons

Are you looking for the best Jobe funtube? Then consider the Jobe Binar Funtube for 2 people . This is a fun tube that gives you the best of both worlds. Not only do you enjoy a durable and high-quality product, but you can also use it with two people at the same time.

This way you and your friends can really enjoy an unforgettable time on the water. With the help of 7 handles you can always hold yourself firmly.

3. Jobe Droplet Funtube 2 persons

This Jobe Droplet Funtube for 2 people is perfect to take with you on the water. There is enough space for two people to lie on it and with the help of the 6 handles you can always hold on tight. The cool color also ensures that you look good on the water.

4. Jobe Sunray Funtube 1 person

Looking for the best fun tubes? Then take a look at the Jobe Sunray Funtube. This fun tube can be recognized by its unique shape. Thanks to the backrest that slowly rises, you can lie on it as well as sit on it. The Jobe Sunray Funtube can also be used on both sides.

5. Jobe Double Trouble Funtube 2P

Looking for an affordable fun tube for two people? Then the Jobe Double Trouble Funtube 2P is exactly what you are looking for. You can also still count on great quality.

Thanks to the 840D nylon cover, the inner tube, made of 24G PVC, remains protected against all kinds of external factors on the water.

You will find the best Jobe funtube with us

Would you like to purchase a Jobe funtube this summer? The funtube guarantees an unforgettable time. Even though you don't have a boat yourself, it always comes in handy to have a Funtube. Consider, for example, when you rent a boat with friends for a day.

We have a wide selection of Funtubes online. To ask? Then contact our expert customer service!

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