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Rules for sailing with a funtube

regels voor varen met funtube

Raymond Scholte |

When you hang behind the boat with a tire, you have to take into account different rules. These rules have been drawn up to ensure the safety of the user.

We, from Watersports4fun, have listed the rules for you here. This way you can be sure that you and your friends are using the funtube in complete safety.

Minimum age for sailing with a funtube

The driver of the boat must be at least 18 years old and the lookout at least 15 years old. The driver must also have a driving licence. After all, speeds quickly exceed 20 km/h and this speed may only be reached if you have a boating licence. Don't you abide by these rules? Then you can count on a hefty fine that can easily reach € 1,000.

Require a person on the lookout

There are several rules for having a tire behind the boat. If you want to use the fun tube, you must always ensure that there are at least two people on the boat. One person has to drive the boat and the other keeps an eye on the person on the Funtube.

This way the driver can fully concentrate on the water, while the other person on the boat makes sure that everything is in order on the fun tube. This is a rule that you must strictly adhere to, otherwise you risk a large fine.

Check the condition of your funtube

To sail safely with a funtube, you must strictly comply with the rules. One of the tips is to maintain the funtube well. Rinse the funtube well after each session. Make sure that all sand, salt or dirt is removed. Before you store the funtube, always make sure it is completely dry.

Storing a damp funtube causes mold, which can affect the quality of the material in the long run. Don't forget to check your funtube for possible damage or wear and tear before it hits the water. Also pay close attention to the condition of the funtube rope .

Use a life jacket

This is an important factor that is sometimes overlooked. Wearing a life jacket is essential for various water sports, including for anyone who uses a fun tube.

Not only does a life jacket guarantee the safety of the user, but you also avoid a high fine. It is mandatory in the Netherlands. If someone falls off the funtube while sailing, they may feel temporarily disoriented under the water.

Fortunately, with the help of the life jacket you always automatically surface again. Make sure there are always extra life jackets on the boat for the rest of those present.

Communicate well with each other

When you are on the funtube and the boat is sailing fast, it can be difficult to communicate with the people on the boat. To prevent you from not being able to express your concerns or wishes to the rest of the group, agree on a number of hand gestures in advance. It is then important that everyone takes the gestures seriously.

For example, agree on a hand signal for when you want the boat to slow down, when you want to go faster, when you need to stop immediately or when things are going well.

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