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Different types of fun tubes

soorten funtubes

Raymond Scholte |

Are you curious about which types of funtubes are available? Do you have a boat or are you planning to rent a boat with friends this summer? Then a funtube should not be missing. A funtube is a tire that you hang behind the boat. Then people can hang behind the boat while the boat is moving.

The funtube can be used at slow or higher speed. Which type of fun tube suits you best depends on your wishes. We at Watersports4fun are happy to help you find the perfect match.

What types of funtubes and accessories are there?

There are many different types of funtubes to be found. For example, many people are familiar with the large banana that you often see on vacation. However, there are also plenty of funtube types that are suitable for 1 or 2 people. When you buy a fun tube , you also need to get a number of accessories.

Consider, for example , a funtube rope that connects the boat and the funtube. A life jacket is also an essential accessory that should not be forgotten. According to Dutch law it is mandatory to wear a life jacket on a motorboat that sails faster than 20 km/h.

So always make sure that both the user on the fun tube and the people on the boat have a life jacket. This way you guarantee the safety of the entire group. Also have a good pump on hand to inflate the funtube if necessary.

The 1 person fun tube

The funtubes for 1 person are compact in size and suitable for 1 person. You mainly see the one-person fun tube in a round and flat shape. In this case you lie with your stomach on the fun tube. With the help of the handles you hold on firmly while sailing.

Nowadays there are also more and more variations of this form. Consider, for example, a triangle, a funtube with a backrest or a funtube with wings.

The fun tube for 2 people

The fun tube for 2 people is ideal to use when you go out on the water with a group. Because it has room for two people, you can experience the fun together with your partner or best friend.

The fun tube for 3 people

The 3-person fun tube is a firm favorite among families and large groups of friends. If your child would like to sit on the funtube, you and your partner can just sit there with this three-person funtube.

This is how you determine the safety for your children. It might also be fun to look at a real banana boat .

Purchasing the best funtube

As you can see there are many different types of funtubes that you can choose from. You can view the entire range in our webshop.

For all funtubes that we have in stock, if you order them before 4:00 PM, you will receive them the next day.

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