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Double Layer SUP board: what do you need to know about it?

double layer sup board

Nicole Staartjens |

Nowadays there are many different types of SUP boards suitable for different purposes and experience levels. This can make it ever difficult to find a suitable board. There are also different production methods for SUP boards that determine the characteristics and properties of a board.

One of these methods is the Double Layer dropstitch technology. This mainly has to do with the design of the board, which ultimately results in the properties and characteristics of a particular board.

In addition, there are also other methods, including the Single Layer dropstitch , Fusion and Hardboard technology. On this page we will tell you more about the Double Layer technique, so that you know what it entails.

What is a Double Layer SUP Board?

A Double Layer SUP board is a board that consists of two layers of PVC on both the top and bottom . Drop stitch is processed between these layers, which are actually polyester threads on the inside of the board. These, in combination with the double-layer PVC, ensure a higher stiffness and strength .

This is how the wires in the core become stiff when the board is inflated. A big advantage of this is that the board retains its shape better and that you have more balance. However, such a board is heavier than a single-layer PVC board, which makes you slightly less agile .

What are the main features?

Before you definitively buy a SUP board, it is important to know what the characteristics are of different types. That is why we would like to tell you more about the characteristics of a double-layer PVC board. We not only mention the advantageous, but also the disadvantageous characteristics. Because every advantage has its disadvantage.


  • Sturdier thanks to the two layers of PVC;
  • Inflatable and therefore easy to carry;
  • Leaks less quickly;
  • Making speed easier thanks to the stiffness of the board;
  • The board bends less quickly due to the higher stiffness.


  • More expensive than a single-layer board, because it requires more materials;
  • Less easy to fold due to the double layers of PVC;
  • Slightly heavier because the board consists of more materials.

Who is a Double Layer SUP board suitable for?

A Double Layer SUP board has its own characteristic features. Take, for example, the fact that the board is firmer, which makes it easier to move forward and maintain speed . In addition, the stiffness is higher thanks to the double layer of PVC and you stand more firmly on the board.

This gives you more balance and makes it easier to practice the technique. It is therefore certainly a suitable board for beginners . It must be said that the board is slightly heavier and more expensive than a single-layer PVC board.

So it could also be an option to start with a Single Layer board. However, such a board contains more flex, so that you are slowed down by the nose of the board.

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