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SUPing in cold temperatures: what should you take into account? Read it here!

suppen in koude temperaturen

Nicole Staartjens |

Most people think of paddle boarding on hot summer days, where you can enjoy the water in the hot sun. Yet there are also plenty of people who enjoy supping in the freezing cold . They paddle board all year round to keep moving and not to store their board in the shed for half the year.

It is also great to go out on the water with cold temperatures . However, there are a number of things that you should take into account.

On this page we will therefore tell you more about supping in cold temperatures and we will give you a number of useful tips.

Why should I go paddle boarding when it's cold?

One of the main reasons why people choose to get out on the water in winter is that they keep moving all year round. In addition, they do not have to store their SUP board in the shed or garage for a long time.

As a result, they only perform maintenance when they use the SUP board . It would be a waste of your time to regularly clean your board when you are not using it. In addition, it is good for the life of the board to use it regularly.

What should you take into account?

Would you like to go supping in the winter or on a cold day? Then that is very understandable. However, there are a number of important things that you should take into account.

Think of things like clothing, safety, accessories and preparation. Good preparation is half the work. We would therefore like to give you a number of tips to prepare yourself well for your trip in the cold weather. Will you read with us?

1. Preparation

As you have probably already heard, good preparation is essential. For example, first look at the weather forecast for that day and check it again before you go out on the water . Should there be a storm or heavy rain showers? Then we advise you not to go on the water. Do you still choose to go supping? Then make sure you stay close to the shore so that you can get out of the water quickly in case of bad weather.

Another important part of the preparation is warming up your body. In the cold weather your muscles are naturally colder than usual and this can be quite dangerous in cold water.

Therefore, for example, take a warm thermos with you, with tea, coffee or hot chocolate, to warm up your body a bit. In addition, always warm up before you get on the board to warm up your muscles.

Are you ready to hit the water? Then first check whether your safety cord and life jacket are properly attached . Then it is smart to let a friend, family member or acquaintance know that you are going on the water. Also give a time when you think you will be back.

This way someone is always aware of your plans. It can also be smart to go with someone, so that you can help each other if something happens.

2. Security

Don't you have such a good feeling when supping in cold temperatures? Definitely don't do this. If you would like to do this, we advise you to take your safety seriously . In cold water, the chance that something will happen is somewhat greater.

Therefore always make sure you put on a life jacket. Even people who can swim well can get into trouble when they end up in the cold water.

Do you still want to make a long SUP trip despite the risks? Then equip yourself with good equipment. For example, take snacks, dry clothes, warm drinks and possibly a waterproof lamp in a dry bag. For example, if you fall into the cold water, you can change and drink something warm to warm up again.

Does something happen during your trip that causes you to return later than expected? then it is useful if you have a lamp with you, since it gets dark earlier in the winter.

Always take a phone with you in your drybag or waterproof pocket of your life jacket. You could always call someone in case of an emergency. Always let someone know in advance that you are going out on the water and what time you expect to be back. Would you like to know more about safety while supping ? Then press the link to read a special article about it!

3. Clothes

In winter, SUP clothing is very important, as you have to brave the cold temperatures. Therefore, make sure you wear clothes that keep your body at a good temperature. For example, purchase a warm wetsuit or put on several layers of clothing.

It is also good to take body parts such as your hands, feet and face into account. Especially your ears are very important, because it can still be done well on the side, but the temperature is very different on the water. So always provide heat for your entire body.

Do not wear cotton clothing if you go out on the water in winter. Many people think that this is nice and warm, but once you end up in the water, your clothes are immediately soaked.

As a result, you can get hypothermic faster and we naturally want to prevent that. Instead, wear fleece or similar clothing. This fabric retains your body heat better and will not get soaked quickly.

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