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How hard should you inflate a SUP board?

hoe hard sup board oppompen

Nicole Staartjens |

We often get the question how hard a SUP board should be inflated. Before you can go on the water with your SUP board, you have to inflate the SUP board. But how do you know how hard it should be inflated? In this article we will help you with a number of useful tips.

How hard do you inflate a SUP board?

A maximum of 15 PSI applies to most SUP boards. PSI is an abbreviation for pound-force per square inch. This indicates the air pressure. To make sure that you inflate your SUP board according to the correct air pressure, we recommend our handy electric pump. This one has a maximum force of 20 PSI, but you always have the option to adjust the PSI.

Keep in mind that during hot summer days the air can expand. We therefore recommend that you let a little air out of the SUP board during a hot day. On a cold day you do just the opposite.

How do I choose the best SUP board?

To guarantee that your SUP board stays good for as long as possible , it is important to inflate your SUP board within the indicated PSI content. Too much force can cause damage in the long term, which shortens the life of your SUP board.

We, at Watersports4fun, are happy to help you find the best SUP board accessories. In addition to personal advice, you can consult our SUP board purchase guide . In addition, our range is filled with SUP boards from recognized brands . Our experts are happy to inform you about our products.

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