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How should you deflate a SUP board?

sup board laten leeglopen

Nicole Staartjens |

Did you have a wonderful day on the water with your SUP board? Then it is time to store your SUP board again when you return. But how should you deflate a SUP board and what are the most important points to take into account? We, at Watersports4fun, are happy to help you.

Deflating a SUP board

Before you deflate your inflatable SUP board , it is important that you first ensure that your SUP board is completely dry. Then you press the valve. Make sure it is fully squeezed out, otherwise all the air will not be able to escape. To guarantee that all the air is actually out, roll up your SUP board.

While rolling you push the last air out. Then let it dry thoroughly again. Additional moisture can always come out of the valve during deflation. You then store your SUP board safely in the closet or in the shed.

The best accessories

In our webshop we have a number of handy accessories available that make deflating your SUP board even easier. For example, get the Airbank Whale Shark pump at home.

This handy pump not only helps you to inflate your SUP board , but it also helps to remove all the air. We also offer a Silent air remover so that you can deflate your SUP board without noise. Take a quick look through our range.

Have you not yet purchased your own SUP board? Then you are also in the right place with us. Our range is filled with some of the best water sports brands.

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