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SUP on vacation

sup meenemen op vakantie

Nicole Staartjens |

Do you want to go on holiday with your SUP board? The holidays are a time to relax. However, this does not mean that you cannot do anything all day long.

Are you someone who can't sit still, likes to go out and loves to be active? Then supping on holiday is a great idea for you. But how do you plan a holiday around supping?

We, at Watersports4fun, discuss it all with you. From where to get a SUP board to how to pack smartly for a SUP holiday, you'll find it all in this article.

With your SUP board on holiday you do this as follows:

A holiday always starts with packing your backpack, travel bag or suitcase. We recommend that you always travel light when you go on holiday with your SUP board. If you don't take more than necessary, you can easily move yourself with the help of your SUP.

Make sure you can put all your necessities in a backpack and make sure you bring a light SUP board. Although we recommend going for a lightweight SUP board, you should choose a SUP board that you are comfortable on.

Plan a rough route

To ensure that you don't spend a lot of time looking for a new location every day, plan a route in advance. This way you get more out of your holiday and prevent unnecessary stress. Planning your route does not have to be final.

We recommend that you especially investigate which places you certainly do not want to miss . Then you see in which order you can best visit them. For example, start in the south of the Netherlands and drive a little north every day.

Of course you are free during the holidays to change places at the last minute. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, it is important to stay up to date on the latest regulations regarding supping . In addition, it is advisable to read yourself about taking a SUP board on the plane .

Finding good locations for overnight stays

This is also a task that you can map out in advance. Fortunately, finding a place to stay is one of the least of your worries. There are many hotels, Airbnbs or hostels to be found in both the Netherlands and abroad.

If you don't want to be faced with surprises, book all your overnight stays in advance. If you are fine with living by the day, you can simply book the overnight stays a day in advance.

The latter option gives you more flexibility to change your plans and routes at the last minute.

Go on a trip with the right SUP equipment

When you go supping on holiday, it is important that you are equipped with the right equipment. Although a swimsuit and a t-shirt on your SUP board are enough in a summer in France, you still need a wetsuit in other areas.

This is because the water and the wind can be a lot colder. Fortunately, at Watersports4fun, you will find all accessories for a SUP holiday. For example, think of suitable clothing, accessories to maintain your SUP board and of course a SUP board itself.

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