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Where can you sup in the Netherlands?

waar mag je suppen in Nederland

Nicole Staartjens |

Where can you sup? Have you just purchased a SUP board and can't wait to use it? Then it is first important to see where you can sup in your area. The Netherlands is a country that is filled with water.

Not only do we have the sea close to us, but we also have canals, rivers, lakes, ponds and canals throughout the country. However, the question is: where exactly can you paddle board in the Netherlands and which areas should you avoid? We, at Watersports4fun, explain it all in this article.

How do you know where you can or can't paddle board?

Before you take to the water with your SUP board in the Netherlands, it is important that you are aware of the SUP rules. Some rules have been put together that protect both nature and the suppers against 'dangers'.

The rules are mainly made because the sport is becoming more and more popular. Fortunately, we can reassure you that the rules are easy to remember and do not require high math. With your SUP board you can paddle board in almost every water area in the Netherlands, unless it is explicitly stated that this is prohibited.

There are also some areas where you can only sup with an exemption. When you rent a SUP board through a rental company, the landlords often inform you about all the do's and don'ts in the specific area.

However, if you go out alone with your SUP board, it is important that you are aware of the current news.

SUP on lakes and ponds

Most novice suppers start on puddles or lakes in their immediate vicinity. These waters are ideal to start on because there are no strong currents or waves. So on a lake or puddle you have all the rest and time to master the technique.

Another advantage of peeing is that there are often no motor boats present. These boats can cause waves that throw you off balance. The only weather factor you can deal with is the wind.

If there is a very strong wind, it can be more difficult to keep your balance. Well-known water lakes in the Netherlands for supping are the Nieuwkoopse and Loosdrechtse Plassen. However, in your immediate vicinity you will certainly also find an excellent pool to practice on.

SUP on the canals

Do you already feel reasonably comfortable on your SUP board? Then it is a nice challenge to go on the canals. You can use your SUP board in almost every canal in the city. SUPing on the canals guarantees you a good time.

You are not only doing a sporting activity, but you are also experiencing the dynamics of the city. For example, go supping through the canals of Amsterdam.

If you don't like the idea of ​​attracting the attention of people in the city? Then we recommend going out into nature. Keep in mind that you can also have to deal with waves from other boats and canoeists in the canals.

Suping on canals or rivers

Where can you sup on the canals or rivers? SUPing is allowed on almost all canals and rivers. However, we do recommend that you only paddle on these waters when you have more experience.

This is because you not only have to deal with wind here, but also with waves, currents and larger boats. These factors can make it very difficult to stay straight on your SUP board, also known as SUP board tracking .

Are you going on the canal or river for the first time? Then start with a smaller route. SUPing on these waters costs a lot more energy. You want to prevent yourself from becoming exhausted and unable to keep your balance properly.

SUP on the sea

In the southern countries there is a lot of supping on the sea . This is because the sea in these areas is often much calmer. However, it is not impossible to sup on our sea in the Netherlands. However, you will have to deal with more unexpected circumstances.

SUPing on the sea is therefore mainly carried out by experienced suppers and in groups. This way you can always keep an eye on each other. It is also important that every supper is provided with a wetsuit and life jacket when they are at sea, this greatly improves SUP safety .

Other conditions to watch out for

Can you paddle board anywhere in Belgium? Many suppers love going out for a weekend to a new SUP area. Belgium is a popular destination because of its proximity. However, different rules also apply here for supping.

For example, in various areas you need a permit or you are not allowed to paddle board at all. To guarantee that your visit to Belgium with your SUP board will be a success, we recommend planning your route in advance.

We help you find the best SUP board

It is possible to rent a SUP board around various nature reserves. However, we fully understand that you do not always want to be dependent on these rental locations. Do you want to purchase your own SUP board? Then we are happy to help you.

In addition to the SUP board, you will also find all other necessities to maintain your SUP board. Consider, for example, a waterproof backpack or a pump.

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