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The best and nicest places to sup in The Netherlands

leukste plekken om te suppen

Nicole Staartjens |

Are you looking for the most beautiful SUP routes in the Netherlands? We, from Watersports4fun, have put together a nice top 8 here. Unlike other water sports, such as surfing, paddle boarding is a very beginner-friendly water sport.

It is therefore not surprising that it has become so popular in recent years. As a beginner, look for the quiet water puddles and look for water with a little more movement at a later stage.

The most beautiful SUP routes in the Netherlands at a glance

A major advantage of the Netherlands is that water can be found all around us. Every village or city has a canal, a river, a moat or a pond. You can sup on almost all of these waters, but not everywhere. For more information, read our information guide about where you can paddle board in the Netherlands.

It is therefore not for nothing that paddle boarding is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the Netherlands. Are you curious which nature reserves or waters are really worth visiting on your SUP board? Then quickly go through our top 8 most beautiful SUP routes.

SUP in Giethoorn and Weerribben

Do you want to go out for a day or a weekend with your SUP board? Then go to Giethoorn. This village is located in the middle of a national park, namely the Weerribben Wieden national park.

The beauty of this location is that you experience the best of both worlds while paddle boarding. Not only do you get to know the picturesque village from the water, but you can also SUP your way to the tranquility of the nature reserve within minutes.

Supping in Amsterdam

Chances are that you have visited Amsterdam before. After all, it is the capital of our little country. This city is filled with beauty. What if you could experience this beauty from your SUP board? Due to the amount of canals that can be found in Amsterdam, this is a great location for supping. There are several SUP routes that you can take throughout the city.

It is recommended to read up in advance, so that you do not get lost through all the small canals. After you have been active on the SUP board for an afternoon, you can end the day with a nice cup of coffee on one of the cozy terraces that can be found in Amsterdam.

Supping in Alde Feanen in Friesland

We all know that Friesland has exceptionally beautiful nature. What if you could experience this nature from your SUP board? If you are looking for the most beautiful SUP routes in the Netherlands, the Alde Feanen in Friesland should not be missed.

In this low peat bog you are surrounded by reed beds, vibrating peat, peat lakes and a swamp forest. The landscape is very diverse and calm. Don't forget to admire the various birds during your visit to this nature reserve.

The area is dominated by a number of special bird species. Consider, for example, the bearded man.

Explore Bloemendaal aan Zee on your supboard

Aren't you afraid of a little wind and some waves? Then it is a real experience to sup in Bloemendaal aan Zee. Before you drive headlong with your SUP board to Bloemendaal aan Zee, it is important to check the weather in advance. The wind force and the waves must not be too strong.

SUPing with too many waves is not only a lot more difficult, but many people also get sick of it. If the weather forecast looks good, paddle boarding on the Dutch sea is certainly a great experience. At the sea there are also several surf schools that can guide you during the activity.

On the water in Eindhoven

Do you live in the south of the Netherlands and are you looking for a nice SUP route in the Netherlands? Then Eindhoven is the place for you. This city is not only known as the city of light in the Netherlands, but also as the greenest city. It is therefore certain that you can discover a lot of nature while supping.

While supping you discover new places in the city and you look for peace. Should you only start with supping or do you simply enjoy going out with several people? Then you should contact SupClub Nederland. This association regularly organizes SUP events in Eindhoven.

Discover the canals of Amersfoort

SUPing in the Netherlands can really be done in almost any environment. One of the environments that is definitely worth visiting for outsiders with your SUP board is Amersfoort. This city, like many cities in the Netherlands, is filled with canals.

What exactly makes Amersfoort unique from the rest? Just like Eindhoven, Amersfoort also has a lot of nature. This way you not only relax, but you also enjoy the urban dynamics from a distance.

With your supboard towards Scheveningen

Are you looking for a fun challenge that requires a little more experience and effort? Then you should definitely visit Scheveningen. SUPing on the sea just adds an extra dimension to the sport.

When many waves are present, you are challenged to keep your balance even better. You suddenly have to think tactically and pay close attention to the waves coming your way. Master the buoy and pivot turn.

Should this be your first time supping at sea? Then we recommend that you keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day. This way you have the certainty that the waves and wind are not too extreme.

SUP in Loosdrecht

Are you looking for the ultimate rest while supping? Then Loosdrecht is really the right place for you. This nature reserve is filled with legakkers, swamp forests and long meadows. What makes this place even more special is that it is an area where motor boats are not allowed.

So while supping you have the guarantee that no loud boats will pass by. While it's nice to see traffic on the waters, sometimes you just want to enjoy the silence. That is exactly what you can do in Loosdrecht. Special SUP trips are also organized in this area.

For example, take part in a sunrise SUP tour. You have to get out of bed early, but it's definitely worth it.

What do you need to sup?

Do you want to be well prepared with your SUP board? Then we are happy to help you. We often hear the question 'what should I bring while supping?' Or 'what kind of material do I need to paddle?' The answer to this is simple.

The most important is of course your SUP board and a paddle. With the help of the SUP board and a paddle you push yourself forward on the water. Many suppers also prefer a waterproof backpack where they can put their phone, keys and other important items. Wearing a wetsuit is optional.

Looking for your own SUP board? We will help you

Would you like to invest in your own SUP board to experience these nature reserves yourself and do you no longer want to depend on the SUP rental from local organizations? Then it's time to purchase your own SUP board.

We, at Watersports4fun, are happy to help you find your perfect SUP board. In our range we have a wide selection of different sizes, colors and styles. We also have various beginner packages online that include all necessities.

This way you can get started immediately after purchase. Would you like to know more about the differences between all brands? Then read our blog article our favorite SUP board brands. Our helpdesk is of course also available to answer all your questions immediately.

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