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What is a buoy turn?

boei turn

Nicole Staartjens |

A buoy turn is a technique used in stand-up paddleboarding . The buoy turn allows you to turn your board around a buoy, allowing you to go in a different direction. By shifting your weight to the back, the tip of the board rises, making it easier to turn around your axis.

This is useful in situations where you want to quickly turn your board around to find the right direction. It is a common technique in SUP races and is a good way to improve your skills.

Features of the buoy turn

With the buoy turn technique you can quickly turn your board around buoys to change your direction. To do this, you need to shift your weight to the back of the board, raising the nose of the board.

Keep your balance on the board in surf position, so that you can turn around your axis easier and faster. In addition, this technique also makes it easier and faster to catch waves at sea.

How does the buoy turn work on a SUP board?

The buoy turn technique is a common technique for turning your board around buoys. To use the technique, shift your weight to the back of the board. Then get into skateboarding position with your feet in a straight line.

Lean well on your back foot, raising the tip of the board. Then paddle around the turn as fast as you can. Then jump back into your normal SUP position and step to the center of the board.

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