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What is a pivot turn?

wat is een pivot turn

Nicole Staartjens |

A pivot turn is a technique used in stand-up paddling to make an effective turn. It is widely used at sea to turn around and catch waves as quickly as possible.

This technique is also often used during SUP competitions . Are you going to buy a SUP board ? Then it is useful to read yourself about the different techniques during supping .

Benefits of pivot turn while supping

  • A pivot turn is a quick and effective way to make a turn with a surf SUP board .
  • It can be used for fast turns and catching waves.
  • It is a requirement for ISUP competitions.
  • It helps to get faster and more control when surfing.
  • It reduces the chance of injury.

How does the pivot turn work?

The Pivot turn is a technique that allows you to make a turn as quickly as possible. It's a fun technique that requires you to keep your balance. You especially have to make sure that the point of the board comes out of the water, so that you can turn around your axis.

  1. Put most of your weight on the back of the board, keeping one foot on the back in a surf stance. Then your board will automatically rise.
  2. If you start paddling with the tip of your board up, you will notice that you can suddenly turn much faster. Ideal and a fun experience and well applicable for an all-round or touring SUP board .

Difficulty pivot turn

The difficulty of a pivot turn depends on the level you are on. For SUP beginners it can be quite difficult because it requires a lot of balance and coordination. It is also important that you get a good feel for the technique, otherwise you will not be able to perform the technique correctly.

For advanced suppers, the technique is usually easier because they already have more experience on the water.

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