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Why is supping healthy?

suppen gezond

Nicole Staartjens |

Supping is part of a healthy lifestyle for various reasons. It is not only relaxing for the mind, but also a complete workout for the body, targeting all muscle groups.

SUP not only strengthens the muscles, but also has positive effects on the immune system. So it is not only healthy, it is a super healthy activity and one of the main reasons to buy a SUP board !

Is supping healthy?

Supping is indeed super healthy! During supping, almost all muscles in the body are used, such as the arm, abdomen, back and leg muscles. It is a combination of strength training and balance exercises and on average you burn 400-500 calories per hour (depending on the speed). So be prepared for muscle pain! That stands like a pillar.

SUP is an ideal way to train your body. It takes concentration and effort from your entire body to stay balanced on the plank. You constantly train your shoulders, arms, hamstrings, glutes and thigh muscles while you paddle, ideal when you use your SUP while fishing .

In addition, your posture and core stability improves due to the low-impact activity that falls under both cardio and strength training. That is why supping is a healthy way to train your body.

Although supping is a good way to train your body, it can still cause muscle pain. By using muscles you don't normally use, it can feel like you trained a day later.

So it's important that you learn the right technique, such as the buoy and pivot turn , so that you use your muscles correctly. For example, try not to paddle with just your arms, but paddle with your whole body.

How many calories do you burn with supping?

Paddling is for most people a recreational activity and not an intensive sport. You stand on your board, enjoy the surroundings and slowly move forward. This burns an average of 225 calories per hour, which is comparable to an hour's walk.

For those who make longer SUP routes, SUPing is more intensive. You then burn about 450 calories per hour, comparable to easy running. However, supping is less stressful for your body than running and causes fewer injuries.

Suppers who race

Suppers who participate in racing competitions and practice it as a sport burn about 900 calories per hour. This is due to the intensive supping, which leads to strengthening your body and improving your condition.

Suppers practicing yoga

In addition to recreational paddle boarding, the number of people practicing yoga on a paddle board is growing. This is a complete workout that is relaxing and burns calories. During an hour of yoga on a SUP you burn about 450 calories. The advantage over other forms of yoga is that you burn calories by having to maintain your balance.

The advantage of paddle boarding is that you burn calories without feeling like you are exercising intensively, thanks to the relaxed nature of the activity.

Moreover, it has little impact on the body, so you can persevere in the long term and there is little risk of injury.

7 health benefits of supping

1. SUP is a full body activity

SUP is an intensive activity that works the muscles in your entire body. It improves muscle strength and flexibility and trains the muscles in your legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, shoulders and arms. When supping you have to constantly stay in balance, which also contributes to improving balance.

2. SUP is both an endurance and strength sport

SUP contains aspects of both sports and is therefore an excellent way to improve health. Endurance sports improve endurance and increase metabolism, while strength sports build and maintain muscle and improve posture. In addition, it strengthens bones and improves hormone balance.

3. SUP helps you lose weight

SUP is a very effective way to burn calories and lose weight. Due to the intensive effort of the whole body you use a lot of energy, which ensures a burn of 300-400 kcal per hour and even 600-700 kcal per hour when touring .

It is a good way to lose weight, even for overweight people. Particularly supping at cold temperatures or in winter provides extra weight loss.

4. SUP improves your balance

Good balance is essential for overall physical fitness and for performing daily activities. When supping, your sense of balance is continuously trained and improved, which can ultimately lead to a better balance.

5. SUP is relaxing and stress relieving

SUPing is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. Due to the physical exertion during supping, the body produces endorphins, a substance that contributes to increased resistance, a feeling of happiness and stress reduction.

In addition, supping offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace and the view, which also has a relaxing effect on the mind.

Want to relax even more but exert less effort? Have a look at our information guide on SUP boards with a seat .

6. SUP leads to better sleep

Physical exercise and exposure to sufficient daylight improve the quality of sleep because the body produces more melatonin at night.

7. SUP increases vitamin D production

During supping, the body is exposed to UV light, which leads to the production of vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D is important for healthy bones, teeth and the immune system and also has a positive impact on cognitive functions.

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