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Types of paddle boards

soorten sup board

Nicole Staartjens |

The SUP board is rapidly gaining popularity. Companies jump into the market and rent out the SUP boards to tourists or for a fun family or staff outing.

After a short instruction you can take to the water with your SUP. Then it is the art to stay in balance. For those who want to purchase a board themselves, it is of course useful to know which SUP boards are for sale . This way you can make a good choice for hopefully many hours of fun on the water.

Who is which type of SUP board intended for?

Before you look for a certain type of SUP board, it is important to know who it is intended for. Is it a beginner or advanced? Do you want to go supping purely recreationally or do you want more than that?

Competitions are already being organized. There may be more in the future. Is it a SUP board for a child or is it for an adult? It is also important whether you only want to make short trips or whether you also want to be on the water for a bit longer. Only when you have those points clear can you start comparing types of SUP boards.

Hardboard or inflatable SUP board?

You can choose a hardboard SUP board or an inflatable one . The advantage of inflatable is easy to guess: easy to store when not in use and also easy to carry, even on a bicycle.

A hardboard SUP is of course firmer and more stable. These also last longer. You can repair an inflatable SUP board that leaks, but the best is often gone. Whether you go for inflatable or hardboard also depends on your available budget.

What different types of SUP boards are there?

Are you in the market for your first SUP board or perhaps looking for a new SUP board? Then it is wise to take into account the different types of SUP boards.

Each type of SUP board has its own characteristics and additional performance. Depending on what you want to use the board for, you can choose a specific type of SUP board. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

All-round SUP board

If you have only just become acquainted with supping, an all-round SUP board is a great choice. These paddle boards are wide and therefore stable. Ideal for the less experienced user. You fall off less easily and that is so nice when you try to master the right technique.

If you are looking for a beginner SUP board for a child, you should preferably choose a shorter and wider model. They are easy for children to handle and are stable in the water. Of course, if you go supping, you must be able to swim well. After all, there is always a chance that you will end up in the water.

Touring SUP board

When you've had enough of paddle boarding on a nearby lake or pond, it's time for longer trips on canals and rivers. For this you use a type of SUP board known as the Touring SUP Board .

These boards have a slightly different design. They have a pointier tip that allows them to make more speed. Nevertheless, they are also suitable for beginners. After all, you sail as fast as you want.

It is also easier to stay straight with this type of board. So you don't have to send that much. That is also nice if you are going to make a longer trip. This type of board is mainly intended for calm waters.

They are stable, but less suitable for supping on water with a lot of waves. So use a different type of SUP board for along the coastline.

Windsurf SUP board

If you are a fan of windsurfing but you also want to be able to paddle like on a SUP board, there is the windsurf SUP board. This one has a sail but you can also move it with the paddle.

So you can make a choice depending on the circumstances or your own preference. These boards are mainly intended for experienced water sports enthusiasts, especially if you go out on rougher water such as the surf or a larger river.

Yoga SUP board

The yoga SUP board is designed to do yoga exercises on the water. After all, if you do these exercises, the board must be stable to prevent you from ending up in the water every time.

Yoga supping in groups is becoming increasingly popular. It can be done outdoors, but also indoors in a somewhat larger competition pool.

Mega SUP board (multi person)

The Mega SUP board is an extra large type of SUP board with which you are super stable on the water. Ideal if you go paddle boarding with a child who is still too young to stand on their own board. If the child is not yet able to swim, provide a life jacket or armbands so that no accidents can happen.

There are also Mega XL SUP boards, which are intended for adults or children. These types of SUP boards are used for staff outings or family days out. If you are with a larger group, people who do not want to paddle themselves can also take to the water.

Racing SUP Board

Have you got the taste and do you want to participate in competitions? Then you need a special type of SUP board for this. The Race SUP Board. This type of SUP boards is made of special lightweight material.

Due to the specific design, extra long with a pointed nose, you can make a lot of speed with it. This guarantees a sharp end time. With a Race SUP board it is possible to paddle longer on one side. This way you lose less time.

Which type of SUP board suits you?

Our expert advisors are ready to provide you with useful tips and suggestions about which type of SUP board suits you best. At Watersports4fun.com, customers are extremely satisfied with our service. We listen carefully to the wishes of our customers and tailor our offer to their needs.

Are you looking for a specific type of SUP board and do you want to order it online? Then you've come to the right place. Our wide range offers sufficient choice and we guarantee the safe processing of your order and personal data.

At Watersports4fun.com you can choose from different payment options, so that you can always choose the payment option that suits you best.

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