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SUP board explodes

ontploft sup board

Nicole Staartjens |

The unfortunate but truth is that, while very unlikely, it is possible that a stand up paddle board (SUP) could explode. There are several theories about what exactly happens when this happens, but the fact is that there is a chance of it happening, even if it's very unlikely.

Can a SUP explode?

The most common theory is that the explosion risk is caused by a defect in the material or glue used to glue the two layers of the SUP board together.

If the glue layer is not good enough, the air trapped between the layers can build up to a certain pressure causing the board to explode.

Although the risk of explosion is negligible, it is important to take it into account. Before buying a paddle board, it is important to carry out an inspection to ensure that the material is sturdy and that the adhesive layer is complete.

If the material seems bad or if there are tears or cracks in the adhesive layer then it is best to avoid this board.

Prevent your SUP board from exploding

Once you have bought a SUP board, it is important to maintain it properly. Make sure you clean and inspect the board after every session to make sure there are no defects, especially if you have a second hand paddle board .

It is also important to store the paddle board properly so that it is not exposed to extreme temperatures that can weaken or age the glue, this also applies if you go stand up paddle boarding in cold temperatures .

Although the explosion risk of a SUP board is extremely low, it is good to be aware of what happens if the situation does arise.

Provide proper protection

In addition to avoiding breakdowns and properly maintaining the board , it is important to wear your protective equipment, such as a helmet and a life jacket or life jacket .

If you take good care of your SUP board, you will probably never suffer from an explosion. But it's good to be aware of what happens when it does. By taking the proper precautions, you can ensure that you continue to use your board without fear of an explosion.

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