Rubber boat pump

A dinghy pump An inflatable boat is essential, as the boat has to be inflated beforehand. But what kind of pump do you need for your dinghy and what are the possibilities?

In our assortment you will find various types of air pumps that are suitable for pumping up a dinghy or inflatable boat. You can choose between manual air pumps, electric pumps and foot pumps, among others. So check your personal preferences and decide what kind of pump you need. Take a look at our wide range of dinghy pumps.


What types of pumps are there?

Inflating the dinghy is perhaps not the most fun part, but it is certainly important. It determines the pressure in the rim from the boat How stable you are on the water and how easily you can pick up speed. It is therefore logical that a dinghy with paddles generally needs to be inflated less than a dinghy with motor. But what types of pumps are there and what can you expect? We discuss them briefly with you below!

You might be interested to know that you can also choose a dinghy with handlebar. This allows you to keep a better overview on the water and to control the boat better. In addition, such a dinghy is also equipped with a comfortable seat for the driver.

Manual air pump dinghy

For the smaller rubber dinghies, a manual air pump. This is because it is only a matter of pumping a few times before the rim is filled with air. In most cases, this is an ideal pump for dinghies with paddles or small one-person dinghies.

Electric pump dinghy

With a electric air pump for the dinghy, you pump the boat up completely in a few minutes without any effort. You turn on the pump and all you have to do is sit back and relax while the boat is inflated. Always keep a close eye on the pressure in the rim, as you do not want the rim to tear because of too high pressure.

Foot pump dinghy

Do you like to pump with your feet instead of your hands? Then a foot pump ideal for you. With it, you pump up the boat within minutes by means of your foot. In this way, you are less likely to arm and back painbecause you can stand up straight while pumping.

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In our range, you will find various types and models that differ in terms of function and price. If necessary, use the handy filter options to search for a specific type of pump. In this way, you will find a pump that meets your personal requirements within seconds.

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