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Suppen: what exactly is suppen? Read our guide now!

stand up paddling

Nicole Staartjens |

What is supping? Supping , also called supping or Stand Up Paddling, is a water sport in which you propel yourself standing on a SUP board by means of a (long) paddle.

It's similar to surfing, but you stand on a board and use a paddle to propel you. As a result, you do not need wind to move forward.

Another advantage of paddle boarding is that you make a lot of use of your core, which allows you to strengthen it . But above all, it is a fun activity for a hot summer day. Would you like to know more about supping? Then read on, because on this page we will tell you all about it.

What exactly is supping?

SUP comes from the word 'SUP', but what does SUP actually mean? SUP is literally the abbreviation for Stand Up Paddling . As you have probably already heard, it is a fun water sport that is mainly practiced as a hobby. There are still different forms of supping, but we will tell you more about that later in the article.

To begin with, it is nice to know that paddle boarding is not very difficult to learn . It is purely a matter of finding the balance and trying to gain momentum by means of a SUP paddle .

You will probably have seen it: people who stood supping on the sea , river or other water on a kind of surfboard with a paddle in hand.

Where does supping come from?

Like many other board sports, such as surfing, stand up paddle boarding originated on the islands of Hawaii . However, this happened purely by chance while surfing. For example, the teachers always stood on a board with a paddle in their hand to stay close to the students.

In this way they could move quietly, give instructions and keep an overview of the group. Over time, other people have also adopted this form of board sport and it has become a true trend . And because it is fairly easy to learn, you see more and more people starting with supping.

What do you need to start supping?

When you want to start supping, you basically don't need much. For example, you need a SUP board and a SUP paddle to be able to move on the water. But what is a SUP board? Many people often think that suppers stand on a surfboard.

This is of course not surprising, because it seems that way from a distance, but there are indeed differences between a SUP and surfboard . Below we explain to you what the biggest differences are.

What are the differences between a SUP surfboard?

As we have already mentioned, there are indeed differences between a SUP and surfboard. To make it easy for you, we have listed the biggest differences for you below. This way you can see at a glance what is so different about a board for supping.

  • A SUP board contains different characteristics than a surfboard;
  • A SUP board is often many times lighter than a surfboard and is therefore easier to carry;
  • SUP boards are generally more stable than a surfboard because they have more air capacity;
  • Inflatable SUP boards are available, so transport is no problem.

Looking at the differences, we see that a SUP board is better suited for novice paddlers . In addition, these boards are available in different shapes and sizes , depending on your personal wishes.

Where can and can you sup?

In principle, SUP can and should be done anywhere on the water . Think of ditches, rivers, lakes, ponds and of course the sea. However, it may be the case that there are warning signs in some places and it is strictly forbidden to paddle board. Therefore, always check the place where you want to go supping before you actually put your board in the water.

Would you like to go supping in the Netherlands? Then it can be useful to purchase your own SUP board. This way you can put your SUP in the water wherever it is safe.

It may also be wise to opt for an inflatable SUP. You can easily take it with you wherever you go, and roll it back up in the bag as soon as you're done.

How can I start supping?

As you may have already heard, you need a board and paddle to start with supping. Still, this can be fairly pricey to begin with, as it's not the cheapest stuff. That is why it is often smart to rent a SUP board and paddle from a rental company for the first few times.

  • This way you do not have to spend too much money and you can try out whether supping is really something for you. It would of course be a shame if you buy a SUP and find out after the first time that you don't like it. In addition, you can always look for current SUP board offers to score a nice deal.

In addition, it is of course also an option to borrow a SUP from friends, family or acquaintances, if they own one. This way you will not lose any costs at all and you can then choose whether or not you want to continue with it.

Safety and preparation are essential

Especially for novice paddlers , SUP safety is very important. It's not that standing up paddling has many dangers, but that doesn't mean nothing can happen. That is why it is important to know in advance what to look out for when you go supping. We have therefore put together a number of safety tips for you below.

  • Are you going to sup on large or running water? Then never go alone ;
  • It's wise to go with someone else in case something happens;
  • Should you go alone? Then let people know where you are going;
  • Check the weather forecast in advance and don't go out if there is a thunderstorm, for example;
  • Map out a route in advance;
  • Never go near large ships;
  • Possibly use a leash (cord on your foot) if you go paddle boarding on rougher water to prevent your board from drifting too far;
  • Use gear that is suitable for the activity you are doing, such as clothing suitable for SUP and possibly a life jacket.

Follow these tips to ensure that you are well prepared and safe to go paddle boarding.

Different forms of supping

Stand up paddling on a surfboard (supping) is often practiced as a hobby. But did you know that there are also different forms of supping? SUP appeals to many different people within water sports, including surfers, canoeists and kayakers.

This is mainly because Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a combination of these water sports. However, there are many different variants of this sport / hobby to practice. Below we briefly discuss some of them.

SUP Surfing

SUP Surfing , also known as wave surfing , is a variant of Stand Up Paddling often practiced by surfers. The idea behind this variant of supping is the same as surfing. For example, you will try to surf waves with the board, but then you still have a paddle in your hand.

The advantage of this is that you can get to the wave faster with the paddle and you have a better overview. This also allows you to look better over the sea and spot waves earlier. A perfect variant for surfers who want to surf in a different way .

Long Distance Paddling

Long Distance Paddling is covering long distances on a SUP board . Not only is it great fun, but it's also good for your body. This way you train your leg, core, arm, shoulder and back muscles at the same time .

As a result, this variant of supping is often compared to a long endurance run. A big advantage here is that you usually spend longer than you think, because it's a fun activity. SUPing on long distances is therefore a good, and especially fun, replacement for a full body workout .

SUP Yoga

In addition to covering long distances with paddle boards, it is also an option to perform yoga on your paddle board . This form of supping should also be seen as a workout and relaxation. For example, you have to be able to keep your balance very well, so that you appeal to many muscles in your body at the same time. That is why you see this variant becoming increasingly popular among suppers .

SUP Fishing

Now that we have already discussed different variants of supping that are often combined with another sport, SUP Fishing cannot stay away. SUP fishing is a combination of supping and fishing, but at the same time.

It is often an option to provide your board with a seat, so that you can sit in a place and cast your rod. Should the fish not want to bite? Then you paddle to another place.

An ideal variant for anglers who enjoy being in the water rather than sitting on the side .

Need a suitable board for supping?

Maybe after reading this article you have become interested in the world of supping. In that case, we definitely recommend that you give this a try. It is a super fun activity where you immediately train your body.

However, it is useful to have your own SUP board and SUP paddle. So take a look at our webshop where we offer various types of boards and paddles.

You can of course also look for matching clothing and accessories, so that you can set off well prepared. We wish you a lot of fun while supping!

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