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SUP fitness tips

sup fitness tips

Nicole Staartjens |

Are you looking for some handy SUP board fitness tips? Although supping is an intensive sport in itself, there are a number of exercises that you can do while supping.

With the help of the right exercises you develop more balance, more muscles and a healthy body. In addition, you enjoy the advantage that you can perform these exercises on the SUP board and at exceptionally beautiful locations .

The best SUP board fitness tips

Every sport takes time and training before we can fully master it. The same goes for supping. Although it looks easy and relaxed from a distance, it is in reality an intensive sport. This is because you have to keep your balance all the time.

All external factors, such as wind, waves and the current of the water, have an influence. With the art of a pivot and buoy turn you make it easier for yourself. Fortunately, there are several ways to get comfortable in this sport.

For example, practice fitness exercises on the SUP board. Are you curious about what exercises you can do on the board as a beginner or advanced? Then read on quickly.

The importance of stretching

A good start is half the work. The same applies to supping. At the start of a session it is important to stretch your body properly. This way you enter your SUP session more comfortably. Start with some simple stretching exercises.

For example, sit on the SUP board and stretch your legs straight out in front of you. Then try to reach your hands as close to your legs as possible without raising your legs. It is important that you do not force your body beyond what is comfortable when stretching.

The more you do stretching exercises in the future, the more flexible you will become. Try 4 or 5 different stretches at the beginning and take your time doing them. Not only is it a good warm-up, it also makes you very zen.

Yoga on the sup board

Are you looking for useful tips for fitness on a SUP board? Then try practicing yoga on the SUP board . Yoga is a great sport for your body. A misconception about yoga is that it is not an intensive sport.

Yoga, both on a yoga mat and on a SUP board, requires strength. You are constantly working to maintain your balance as well as possible.

In addition, you also benefit from the fact that yoga is a great sport for your mental health. Try out different positions, such as the downward dog, the Child's pose, or the cobra.


If yoga is too 'slow' for you, try calisthenics on the SUP board. For example, stay in a plank for 1 minute or do 3 sets of 20 pushups while lying on the board.

Finding the perfect SUP board for fitness

To ensure that you get the most out of fitness on the SUP board, you must use a quality board . Fortunately, our range is filled with popular brands of the highest quality .

Can't wait to start fitness on the SUP board? We are happy to help you find the perfect match for your wishes. For example, take a look at MOAI . This brand has boards with a special anti-slip layer. Ideal for when you want to exercise fitness on the water!

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